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Money, it’s the driving factor behind why we all get up in the morning and go to work. Many of us sit at a desk, take calls, answer emails, and do our part to make sure the company we work for stays afloat. Although money is the key to getting people to come to work, it is the environment that exists within the office that makes people want to stay. People may picture large campuses like Google or Facebook when imagining the ideal place to work. While these places have exclusive perks and vast facilities, an optimal workplace can be created in even the smallest of offices.


All About The People

As an entrepreneur or head of a company, one of the first things you will learn is that your team is what makes your company thrive. You may be calling the shots but they are setting up all of the plays. By simply listening to the wants and needs of people at every level you can help to create an environment that everyone wants to be a part of. Anonymous employee surveys are often a tool used in many professional settings. Gaining insight as to what your people want can help to establish rapport between management and lower level staff.


Small Gestures Go a Long Way

In a place where people are bound to spend most of their time, they’ll want to feel comfortable. Making small gestures such as providing coffee and snacks for everyone is a helpful way to boost morale. For those late nights and early mornings that your team may need to pitch in, such incentives will be a motivator. In corporate situations, it can sometimes be challenging to be flexible with schedules. However, many companies are now embracing adaptive work schedules by allowing work-from-home days. Though some people need the office atmosphere to be productive, knowing the option is there shows them compassion on your behalf.


Have Fun

This seems to be a golden rule across all aspect of life. If you aren’t having a little bit of fun or enjoying yourself, why would you want to do it? Simple things such as a mini game at the start of a team meeting can get people in a brighter mood. While some people just want to come, work their 8 hours and go home, others want to get to know those they spend their time with. Having company-sponsored events outside of the office allows your team to get to know one another on a new level. When teams feel as though they are more than colleagues, you can expect great collaborative efforts in the workplace.


It is crucial that your employees arrive at their job with the desire to do it. Most of the time the work we all do is tedious. Having fun incentives, listening to what the people say, and simply having a good time can make all of the difference in a work environment.