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What are the most important startups of 2016? The truth is it is really difficult to say. Sources are not all in full agreement on this subject. There are, however, some companies who make multiple lists. Here then, in no particular order, are those important startups:


Belong is a talent acquisition business based in Bangalore, India. It was founded in 2014 by Sudheendra Chilappagari, Rishabh Kaul, Saiteja Veera, and Vijay Sharma. They scan the internet, social media, and various other public sources to find potential candidates for specific jobs. Their investors, Blume Ventures and Matrix Partners, sunk $5 million into the company. They currently employ almost 70 people.


The Republic of Singapore-based company Carousell was founded in 2012. Carousell is reportedly a simple, convenient way to sell underused and unused property. It is said to be as simple as Snap, List and Sell. Users can also shop, chat live and purchase items all via the Carousell app. There are millions of things to choose from at any given time. The Carousell investors include Sequoia Capital, Golden Gate Ventures and 500 Startups.


Inverse is a San Francisco Bay Area-based company in California. Founded in 2015, it is a technology-driven media business. They cover current digital culture, motion pictures, music, news, science, television and innovations skewed to a mainly millennial male audience. Some of the companies who currently are invested in Inverse include Crosslink Capital, Greycroft Partners, and Rothenberg Ventures. The business currently employs approximately 30 people.


Founded in 2014, Mobcrush is a mobile community and live game streaming platform. Mobcrush was formed with the precept that they could provide inspiration to many different people throughout the world via their mobile device-related games and software. They received $15 million worth of investment funds from CrunchFund, Kleiner Perkins, and Lowercase Capital.


This San Francisco Bay Area-based company in California was founded in 2013. Alexis Ohanian or Sam Altman’s began the company with more than $17 million of fundraising money. Patreon is essentially a platform that permits content creators like artists, authors, musicians, photographers and YouTubers to create web pages for their work and solicit support from fans. The community currently includes more than 2,000 creators. They have more than 40 employees.

Product Hunt

Launched in 2013, Product Hunt is a website that allows users to share and discover new products on a daily basis. Some pundits believe this is one of the most significant platforms of the year. Apparently, both venture capitalists and those in the tech industry use the website to learn about new startups. Now business people use the site to launch their new products. Their big investors include Greylock Partners, Naval Ravikant, and SV Angel.