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As we grow closer to finishing another decade of the 2000s, the trend of entrepreneurship and startups continues to flourish. Around the world, professionals are entering uncharted waters when they venture out and create a business. While some entrepreneurs have an established team around them, many are taking the leap of faith on their own. For those diving in, head-first, there are countless programs to smoothly guide you through your first solo business venture. Here are some of the best means to help your startup get off the ground.


Google Suite

The powerhouse of the internet has earned its title in more ways than being the go-to search engine. Google has also powered many businesses through the use of their various tools for business. For startups who aren’t quite sure which email source will best meet their needs, Gmail is a great place to start. With the ability to create your own email accounts, (e.g., Gmail provides a professional and clean way to communicate with anyone. With over 1.2 billion Gmail users, entrepreneurs have the ability to easily share documents with anyone, through the service.


Thanks to other features such as Google Calendar, Google Docs, and Google Drive, any startup has the perfect platform to keep everything together. With 15 GB of free storage space per users, Google Drive provides the ideal service for new businesses. The sharing and editing options given in Google Docs and Spreadsheets allows for easy collaboration with co-workers and clients.



A major aspect of getting a new company off the ground lies within the marketing efforts. Moz provides those new to digital marketing and SEO tactics all of the tools and content that they need to learn the basics. New organizations often lack the funding to hire a marketing firm or department early on. Moz provides various products, services, and content for those hoping to improve their online presence. At only $100 per month, a Moz Pro account opens the door to endless opportunities to reach extensive audiences. Even without a Pro account, the site often provides great articles and insight into the latest online trends.



For founders of a company, one of the greatest challenges lies within growing. There is a lot that changes when the need to hire comes into play. Tools such as Lever were designed to specifically support startups through these transitions. Lever makes it simple to recruit team members by finding the best candidates to meet your needs. The interview process can seem to take forever. With lever, the process moves at your desired pace and can use its data analysis to help you make well-rounded decisions on potential hires.