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Primarily, I use this site to focus on entrepreneurship and leadership. I like to highlight new trends in the industry, give advice for both novice and experienced professionals and highlight some of the world’s leaders in  business. Today’s article will highlight not one, but three female entrepreneurs who are looking to make an impact on the major Chinese city.

Jenny Tan – Raw Circus

A major trend going on throughout the world seems to be that of raw and vegan cuisine. Millions of people around the world want to eat healthier, and some of the healthiest food options available are either raw or vegan. When Jenny Tan began her vegan lifestyle in 2000, it wasn’t because she was trying to be trendy, she was standing in solidarity with her mother, who’d then been diagnosed with cancer. Tan’s mother did some research and found that raw eating was one of the best ways to prevent the cancer from getting worse. It worked, and Jenny has been eating vegan ever since.

Eventually, Tan took her passion for vegan cuisine and created a major business out of it. Raw Circus offers a variety of raw and vegan meal plans based on three categories: “raw gourmet,” “detox/weight control,” and “stay fit.” Once you’ve chosen your meal style, you can get your raw or vegan meals delivered to your house. Tan and company are looking to change the misconceptions associated with vegan and raw eating, not only in Hong Kong, but around the world.

Erica Chang – Caternap

Erica Chang understands that women want to have flawless skin and to be major players in the business world, and both are certainly achievable goals, but proper skin care techniques are actually incredibly time consuming; and if you’re a busy professional, you won’t necessarily have time for it. That’s where Caternap (short for “caterpillar nap”) comes in. The sleep mask, designed by Chang, features some impressive patented nanotechnology aimed at offering the kind of skincare that you can only get from a laborious routine, all in a night’s sleep. Chang is very proud of her company and the fact that each and every eye mask is created in Hong Kong, making healthy work in the city.

Leslie Tsang – Movers & Cashmere

Ms. Tsang is looking to shake up  Hong Kong’s fashion scene with her company, Movers & Cashmere. The clothing company, whose design closely resembles that of Scandinavian fashion trends, is beginning to make its presence known in the city’s fashion industry. Just recently, Tsang and co. secured a partnership with Sørensen Leather, and have been adding the Danish company’s world-famous leather to its designs. In short, Movers & Cashmere are looking to bring trademark Scandinavian fashion styles to Hong Kong.

These three women are catching their big breaks and will continue to operate their businesses in Hong Kong. But who knows, with time, wit and a bit of luck, don’t be surprised if you see them branching out into other territories.