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Most people picture the essence of “Mark Zuckerberg” when they envision the face of a start-up. A laid back look, wearing a sweatshirt and jeans, and the mind of a brilliant twenty-something has become the unofficial mascot for twenty-first-century entrepreneurs. Contrary to this stereotype, some of the most successful and influential business developers peaked at middle-aged or beyond. At that age many begin to consider retirement. However, a part of the population has chosen to “retire” from corporate life and venture on their own professional path.


In today’s society, being successful often relies more on who you know than what you know. With their abundant amount of experience and networking, older professionals have an advantage. Younger generations believe their social networking gives them a leg up when in reality, personal networking more often prevails. Many seasoned professionals have chosen to bring a youthful partner or “mentor” on board for their start-up’s technological needs. Seeing the benefits of both digital and personal networking, this tactic makes sense.


One of the most vital attributes an entrepreneur must have is patience. Having grown up during many of life’s technological advancements, older generations have great endurance. For Generation Y, their upbringing consisted of immediate results. This gave them much less poise when it comes to awaiting results. Investors often find it more beneficial that their dollars remain in the hands of someone with more experience in the business.


Many older generations have passions that were unfortunately outdated by technology. These passions were once careers but have now become a thing of the past. Or have they? A prime example of careers revamping is Bryan Kravitz and his unique ability to repair typewriters. Once the computer industry took flight, Bryan had to find a new career path. Now, with the regrowing popularity of typewriters, Kravitz, at 67 years-old, is an extremely successful entrepreneur. With patience and due diligence, Bryan has demonstrated himself as a prime example of how entrepreneurship has no age limit.