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Each year, thousands of entrepreneurs take a shot at creating a new company. While many are successful, others struggle to get past the initial phases of business. Though most startups won’t become the next Amazon, many do end up blossoming into their own version of success in their respective industries. With innovation on their side, here are some of last year’s startups that are making a big splash in the corporate world.




Online safety and protection is becoming a huge industry, as our lives continue to revolve around the use of internet. Despite being in business for two years, tech company, Smyte has already landed some impressive clients. Online empires such as GoFundMe and Medium have already taken advantage of Smyte’s machine learning technology. The AI’s main focuses include catching everything from e-commerce fraud to, scams, bots and harassers. The impressive resumes of the founders has likely helped contribute to their success.




The hiring process for companies has taken a turn in recent years. Prior experience will always have a an influence in the hiring decision, Tilr wants companies to focus on skills. Applicants can sign up through the site to begin the interviewing and hiring process. The company will actually do the interviews, vetting, and sorting for your company. Their objective is to connect job seekers with the right company based on “best-fit” not just what is written on a resume.




Amazon has become a one stop shop for many individual consumers. They provide shipping options for many major retailers. Shippo, noticed a lack in boutique retailers and small companies being able to effectively ship to consumers. In an effort the level the playing field for smaller corporations, Shippo is providing options to those without the same resources as Amazon. Having already roped in major clients such as eBay Canada, Shippo hopes to continue meeting the consumer and business needs for more efficient shipping.




Taking a little over a year to get off the ground, Wag is providing an innovative and comforting experience for dog owners. Though they may be putting family-owned dog walking companies out of business. Wag is an app, which allows dog owners to request a certified dog-walker to care for their canine friend. Designed as an Uber-style app, owners can send requests for visits should they be unable to attend to their dog’s needs during the day. The interactive app gives pet owners real-time updates on their furry friend’s walk with the carers.